Ride 'em like you stole 'em!!!


Why have a horse if you can't enjoy them?  The horses that carry the SM brand can be spotted all across the United States, from Florida to Montana!  We pride ourselves in raising horses that can go in just about any direction, from the branding pen to the arena and everywhere in between!  Here are a few of our horses in action:


Steve Mosser riding a recent addition to our broodmare band, Lil Bita Starlight-she's a granddaughter of Grays Starlight and is in foal to Good Lookin Gray 045 in 2016.  She will be back to the sorting pen after she raises her first baby!  (photo credits to Mark La Rowe Photography)


The SM brand can be spotted in a sorting pen near you!  Melissa Sams on Hickorys Doctor getting ready to sort with Scott Ratliff in 2015.



You can bet the SMQH horses are well traveled!  We start hauling them young and exposing them to as much as possible!